About the Training and Technical Assistance Center

The Tribal Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center recognizes that every tribe’s needs are unique. Our staff live and work in Indian Country, so they are intimately familiar with American Indian and Alaskan Native communities, customs, and culture. We believe that by working one-on-one, through the life of the grant, tribes are better able to succeed in their goals. Our goal is to increase AI/AN communities’ skills and knowledge about programs and strategies, building tribes’ capacity to develop effective and sustainable programs for reducing juvenile crime and increasing youth potential in tribal communities. As a project at Education Development Center, we are able to collaborate with other Centers here at EDC, Inc.

Other centers that provide services or resources that may be of interest to AI/AN Communities include

  • The Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • The Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Resource Center

T/TA Center Staff

Project Director
Associate Project Director
Technical Assistance Specialist
Associate Director, Training
Senior Technical Assistance Specialist
Project Coordinator
Financial Manager
Technical Assistance Specialist
Technical Assistance Specialist
TAS/Research Assistant
Technical Assistance Specialist

Frances Wise - in memoriam

On December 28, 2011, our relative and friend Frances Wise left this earth and joined the spirit world.

Prior to serving as a Technical Assistance Specialist to many tribes in Oklahoma and Kansas, she served as the Director for the En-Tre-Nah Program (English translation-The Children) and the Family Violence Prevention Program for the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. Ms. Wise was a long time advocate for the rights of women and for Indian rights. She believed that communities must be healthy in order for society to be strong. She held positions as the Tribal Administrator for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes, Instructor for Women’s Studies and Counselor at the Guadalupe Alternative School in St. Paul, Minnesota, Case Manager/Outreach Worker for the Oklahoma City Community Action Agency’s Homeless Project, Director of the Oklahoma City Native American Center’s Youth Services Project and the Social Services/Public Relations Coordinator for Tie-Aum, Inc, Oklahoma City Native American Centers Legal Program. Also, she served as the Coordinator for the Rita Silk-Nauni Defense Committee, Board member for Oklahoma Indian Legal Services Inc., Member-Site Planning Committee World Council of Churches/National Council of Churches-International Ecumenical Hearings on Racism, Delegate-Presentations on Findings from International Hearings on Racism to the United Nations Human Rights Commission on Racism, Geneva Switzerland, Board Member- Oklahoma State Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights and a founding member and co-chair of the Southwest Oklahoma Tribal Voters League.

Frances Wise touched many lives throughout Indian Country. We miss her dearly but are blessed for the time she shared with us as a friend and colleague.