The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) offers free training and technical assistance to all OJJDP Tribal grantees to facilitate program planning, enhancement, implementation, and evaluation around juvenile tribal detention centers and juvenile justice service.When capacity allows, training and technical assistance is also available to the broader community of federally recognized Tribes. 

Our staff offers a variety of training and technical assistance opportunities. As well as an extensive archive of online learning events.   

Request Training and Technical Assistance online via our online request form page. You can also download a fillable document. Available here:    Training and Technical Assistance Request Form  and email it  to us at 

What is indvidualized technical assistance?: We invite OJJDP Tribal grantees and federally recognized tribes to submit a request for individualized training and technical assistance (TTA). Our team of professionals look forward to providing you one-to-one, specifically tailored TTA. These interactions primarily will occur virtually through conferencing, via email and telephone and in some instances on-site support. Program staff will connect with the requester to understand the primary purpose of the request, to identify additional areas of need and assess readiness.  Specialized guidance, helpful resources, and individual detail and care are given to each request.

What to expect:  After submitting a request for Individualized training or technical assistance you will receive a receipt of confirmation. Your request will be reviewed by our technical assistance team and someone will follow up with you. 

On-Site Technical Assistance and Training: Unique needs or special circumstances may arise in communities that compel them to submit a request for an on-site visit.  In these instances, the OJJDP Tribal grantee or Tribal community strongly feel they need and will benefit specifically from in-person training and technical assistance. An assigned technical assistance specialist will respond to the request to assess the need and appropriateness to facilitate onsite engagement. If approved by OJJDP and TTA program staff, the requestor, TTA program staff and OJJDP Program specialists collaboratively plan the site visit. Specific learning objectives and desired outcomes are outlined to meet the individual needs and expectations.

What to expect:After submitting a request for Individualized Technical Assistance you will receive a receipt of confirmation. Your request will be submitted for review and you will hear back from us soon. 


TTA Objectives:

  • Provide culturally appropriate technical assistance with Tribal communities

  • Work with OJJDP to meet the unique programmatic needs of Tribal grantees

  • Leverage regional and national training and technical assistance providers and resources for Federally recognized Tribes. 

  • Support access to community driven evidence based practices and practice based evidence strategies, tools and approaches.

  • Support peer to peer knowledge and experience of tribal communities doing similar work