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In collaboration with Kognito LLC, the OJJDP Tribal Youth Resource Center offers three evidence based simulations with exclusive use for Federally Recognized Tribes, Bureau of Indian Education schools and their partners.

Virtual Simulation Training and Technical Assistance Requests may be made to the Tribal Youth Resource Center. Please email us at for more information about the simulations and how to access the modules

  • Trauma-Informed Policing with Tribal Youth- a Center developed simulation to support law enforcement professionals to learn about the effects of historical and intergenerational trauma on tribal youth and how to lead positive police-youth interactions. The simulation covers because trauma-informed, building rapport and modeling respect and empowering positive decisions. 
  • Friend2Friend - High school students learn how to recognize when a peer is showing signs of psychological distress and master the conversations to motivate them to seek help. The simulation covers effective tactics for approaching friends about sensitive topics. 
  • *At-Risk for High School Educators:  Educators learn about mental health and suicide prevention, how to recognize students showing signs of psychologic distress, and master the conversations to motivate them to seek help. This simulations covers mature topics including disruptive behavior, anxiety, cutting behavior, cyber-bullying and thoughts of suicide. * Interested users should contact the Tribal Youth Resource Center for access to the At-Risk for High School Educators Module. 



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Jessica ShafferJessica Shaffer
School Social Worker
Lower Brule Schools

"The response from the teachers always makes it worth it. More
often than not, a teacher or para-professional will say, 'Wow, I
never thought of talking to the kids that way.' The At-Risk for High
School Educators gate-keeper training is such a great tool for
helping improve the quality of the culture at our school." 






Jessica ShafferRobert E Bryant
Chief of Police
Penobscot Nation
Trauma-Informed Policing with Tribal Youth

"I like the fact that it's interactive and it forces the person involved
in this to actually think and move through a series of question. I
think the same as if you are out on the street interacting with a youth.
I like that a lot better than just reading something or answering a
multiple type choice of questionnaire. I like the way that you interact
with it."